Tuition and Fees

Due to the late start to the 2017-2018 season, we have prorated the tuition rates for this year. Treble Choir tuition is $1,065 for the year, SATB Choir tuition is $1,200. You will also be responsible for the required performance uniforms for the year and a fully refundable music deposit of $45.

We are committed to fostering a chorister’s participation in the choir unhampered by financial constraints, and are proud of our history of supporting requests for financial assistance through a need-based scholarship program, which currently supports approximately 15% of our choristers.

We encourage families in need of assistance to contact the office for more information. Scholarship applications will be made available at the time that invitations to join the choirs are issued. All assistance requests are kept strictly confidential and are reviewed on a blind basis by our Scholarship Committee.

In keeping with the boychoir tradition, the SATB choir will wear a blazer, slacks, white oxford dress shirt, and tie for formal performances. Our Treble choir singers will wear slacks, a white oxford dress shirt, sweater vest and tie. In addition, for informal performances all choristers will have a polo shirt to wear with their slacks. We are still working with our suppliers to secure the best price possible for the required uniform, but we will have this information finalized soon.