The Choirs of The Princeton Girlchoir

Princeton Girlchoir is comprised of girls ages eight to eighteen in 3rd-12th grade. The Princeton Girlchoir comprises six choirs, drawing singers together from over 75 schools in Central New Jersey and Bucks County.

New members are selected each year by audition, beginning in the spring and sometimes continuing into the month of September. Once chosen, our conductors place them into the choir where they will be most successful; this decision is made with some regard to the chorister's age, but more significantly based on her stage of musical development. At every level, every singer receives the expert preparatory training and nurturing essential to the development of the pre-adolescent and adolescent voice.

Throughout their weekly rehearsals, the choirs grow as a team and work together to create a beautiful ensemble sound. The singers are challenged to develop their active listening, their musical flexibility, and the breadth of their tone palette. The exciting music that the choirs make as a result, and the powerful connections the girls make with one another, make their years with Princeton Girlchoir truly unforgettable.

The youngest Grace Notes perform in order to learn, and the most polished Cantores learn in order to perform. Throughout this continuum of education and performing artistry, the choristers grow as musicians and as individuals, while at every stage of development sharing exquisite treble music with their audiences.