Day Four

Good morning from Salt Lake City!

Yesterday, we started our day with a quick (overly CROWDED) breakfast in what must have been the most popular hotel in Moab. We gathered our suitcases and boarded our bus for one more exciting stop before heading north: Hole N" The Rock [sic]. This place was pretty wild--there was a 5000 square foot home that was inside one of the huge rock formations, and you could take tours of it. I opted not to go on the tour, seeing as it was $4.25 AND you couldn't even take pictures. According to some of the girls who opted to go, it was full of creepy taxidermy (including a donkey and a horse). Yikes. There were many other things to do and see while we were there: a monument to FDR carved into the rock, some gift shops, "Bigfoot" (literally, a giant foot), a jeep made completely of license plates, an elephant sculpture, and a zoo where the girls could ACTUALLY get kissed by a camel. Some of them did, indeed, get kissed by the camel. A great time was had by all.

We then got back on the bus and began another LONG ride up north. We enjoyed the rest of "Enchanted" (and, I must say, it's quite an amusing experience watching that movie with a bus full of girls), were amused by a very special cameo by our current President in "Little Rascals", and basically just hung out until we arrived in Provo, Utah, for a very quick lunch at a local mall. We then headed over to a rehearsal hall at BYU for one more touch-up rehearsal before meeting with the conductor of our next two concerts today. Ms. Butler was kind enough to get us all some of the very famous fudge from the University Store, and we sampled the four different choices on our ride up to Salt Lake City.

We arrived at our hotel (a lovely Radisson two blocks from Temple Square) and had just enough time to change into an outfit of our choice (I just kept what I was wearing on, while the girls got decidedly more fancy than their tour t-shirts) before heading over to a local shopping center for a dinner on our own. We then headed through Temple Square to the LDS Conference Center (and were verbally accosted by an overzealous religious nut along the way) where we were lucky enough to sit in on a Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal. They were preparing for a couple of very special concerts for the Pioneer Day festivities, and it was pretty impressive to see all 364 of them up there on stage with a full orchestra. After accidentally running into some of my in-laws (seriously!), I got a new hairdo while we were waiting on the girls who had checked bags (no backpacks were allowed inside the rehearsal), and then it was off to Crown Burger for some ice cream and a Q&A session with some members of the "Tab" choir. We then headed back to our hotel, and since it was way past our curfew, we all went right off to bed.

So that's it for yesterday. We've got a lot of exciting things planned for today, including a concert tonight!