Day Six

Good morning! This is going to be a pretty short blog post because not a whole lot happened yesterday.

We started the day by sleeping in and having a whole lot of free time. The girls had ample time (hours!) to spend at City Creek, a local shopping center a couple of blocks away from our hotel. Ms. Butler, Dr. Jenkins, and I were invited to lunch with the conductor, chairman of the board, and choir president of the Choral Society of Utah. After a quick trip back to the hotel to change into our concert attire, we headed over to The Garden, a restaurant that overlooked Temple Square (quite a view!). Since it was Mr. Ortiz's birthday, the whole restaurant celebrated with us and he released a balloon through the open roof of the restaurant, which meant his wishes would come true! We then headed over to the Eccles Theater for concert number two, and totally rocked it again!

That's it. I'm sorry there aren't more exciting things to share, but it was a much-needed day of rest, relaxation, and SHOPPING!

We look forward to today's activities, as well as heading back home. Tomorrow, I'll be updating the blog from my own home! Wow!