Day Two

Good morning! I fell asleep before I could update the blog AGAIN last night. It's amazing how tired we've been at the end of these first two days! I apologize that there are no pictures with this post...yet. I'm having some wi-fi issues today.

Yesterday started off with breakfast at our hotel (the standard hotel continental breakfast: cereal, waffles, eggs, BACON, sausage, bread, etc), and some of the girls had some nice conversations with other hotel guests. We got ourselves ready to be on the bus and headed back into downtown Santa Fe for some more exploring. We were thrilled to find many local Native American artisans selling their jewelry, and many of the girls bought some lovely pieces and had some friendly conversations with the people from various tribes from the area. After hearing some cool local musicians rock out on the harp, we headed over to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and took a few minutes to enjoy its beautiful interior. Having taken it it, it was back onto the bus for a quick (and somewhat perilous!) drive to Los Alamos. We were amazed by the awesome scenery, but somewhat distressed to see a wrecked car while looking down into the bottom of a canyon.

We were greeted by the members of Coro de Camera, who were a very friendly bunch! They were all wearing name tags, and we all received name tags, so it was much easier to have the choirs intermingle over the wonderful lunch they provided. It was then onto a joint rehearsal, where we learned about the history and culture of New Mexico through some very clever choral warmups--my personal favorite was the one about chile peppers. We rehearsed "When I Sing to Make You Dance", which was extra fun because we had never sung it with tenors and basses--and was extra fun for me because I actually got to sing with the choirs rather than accompany! Dr. Jenkins then led us all in "Take Me To the Water", and followed that up by teaching everyone a South African song (including choreography!). After a short break, we headed over to the performance venue to rehearse some more, and sweated quite a bit because there was no air conditioning. My plan of wearing a tux was quickly changed.

We got back on the bus and headed over to Pasta Paradiso for some lovely Italian food. We were once again joined by Jan Westrick, but it was extra fun to be joined by PGC alum Paige Kunkle, who is working this summer at the lab at Los Alamos! After getting well carbed up on the pasta, we headed back to the church to sweat off all the calories with an AWESOME performance. To say the audience loved us would be an understatement--there were times in the concert when I was wondering if they'd ever stop applauding between numbers! After a couple of rousing combined numbers and a short encore, we basked in our applause (and some enthusiastic "WHOOOOO!"ing--ask your daughters about this!) before heading offstage for a small reception and cookies.

Today we are (looking forward to? Maybe?) taking a six hour drive up to Moab. I'm sure I'll have plenty to tell you about tonight!